Subscription required for Ring Doorbell

We were disappointed to learn that in order to use the Doorbell effectively and beyond the very basic function that a paid subscription is required.

This warning is not on the packaging and not discussed when we purchased it. Ring was supposed to return our calls to discuss but chose not to.

My reply to your other post:
They don’t keep it a secret so not sure how you missed it. For example here’s a page the covers the various plans.
Protect Plans | Home Alarm Security Monitoring Service | Ring
I don’t know about you, but I do some research before I buy a home device since most all require subscriptions of some sort.
What’s to discuss? Either you sign up for a plan and get full features, or don’t and get reduced features. There’s no getting around that. They aren’t going to make an exception for you.

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Thanks Ms Ring. You are a loyal soldier