Subscription issues

I bought my ring doorbell and had the free subscription but prior to it ending I decided to purchase the basic subscription. The free subscription would’ve ended today and this morning I got an email from ring saying I was covered as my subscription was in force. Now my doorbell is not recording movement!!! Can you help.? I gave up trying to ring after painfully having to listen some annoying music whilst I was waiting thirty minutes for my call to be answered by the support team!

Hi @Frank7. I would first check to verify that your Doorbell is still online. You can do this by pulling up a Live View or pressing the Doorbell button to see if you get a notification. If you do, I would try to adjust your Motion Settings. If nothing happens, try to reconnect your Doorbell. Please note, that on 9/30/2020, Ring was experiencing some delays in our systems, which could have affected you. Please, let me know if this helps.