Subscription does not work

So I have two doorbell cameras for my home, I have bought two subscriptions for the both of them, my money has already been transferred from my bank account. And at first the subscription worked, but now it says that i need to get a subscription again. Even though I bought a year plan, this is the second time this happened. I’m fed up with how this thing works at this point, because I already had a call with tech support to fix this. But whats the use if it keeps happening.

Hi @user34179. You should be able to manage your Ring Protect Plan subscription on You can login and click the “Protect Plans” tab. Depending on when you enrolled your second device, it will automatically align with the first device’s renewal date. If this is not the case, you’ll need to continue to work with our support team to correct this concern, as no one in the Ring Community has access to your personal account information.

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