subpar customer service

Since monday of this week, I have been trying to contact Ring on my difficulty using Cellular backup on the Ring Alarm. Each time the wait was over 30 minutes. And every time I get the same answer of escalating my case to “business developement” and someone will get back to me within 2 days. Seems like service rep taking calls at the helpline have no clue how to do product support. All answers were very generic. I really want to like the system and was ready jump into the cameras as well. But doesn’t seem like anyone is helping me here. Either help me solve the problem or tell me you cant do anything about it and then I can get it over with and return the system. Keeping me waiting on limbo with no idea when and whether someone will solve my issue is not cool. I’m ready to give up.

Hey @hhllau. It does sound like this matter was escalated up to our Ring Advanced Solutions team, and they do normally require a 48-72 hour time frame to get the matter escalated up and looked into further. This is just a hunch, but wanted to give you that information. If it has been over 72 hours and you have not had a follow up, this is when I recommend giving our team a call back. You should be getting some follow up from this team over email or phone as well, if that helps!

In all, I’m happy to look into this further for you, as well as get your feedback passed onto the appropriate teams so we can get this kind of situation treated properly for future. Since it has been over the weekend, have you heard back from this team, or do you know if this is how the matter was escalated? In addition, what exactly is going on with your cellular backup on the Ring Alarm?

It has been a week since first called and problem escaleted. Nobody ever contacted via email, phone, whatsoever. I also have called multiple times and each time the rep on the other end just gives me a canned response saying that someone will get back to me.

My problem with cellular back up is that I have really bad ATT reception here. With only 1 bar, the system does not transition successfully each time I cut off wifi. I want to know if there’s anything Ring can do. Give me a new SIM card with another carrier, push some firmware especially for this problem, and if there’s nothing can be done, can somebody just tell me? Seems like support over the phone is simply a messenger. They don’t really know much about the technicality of the products. Same is the forum here, all I read is “contact customer service via phone, they can help you further”. but the truth is customer service over the phone cannot help and just tell me to wait for someone to get back to me…

@hhllau My apologizes that it seems like the escalation that was done for you doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere for you. Most escalations take 24-48 hours to hear back from our developer team or the AT&T carriers themselves in these matters, but it sounds like it’s taking longer than that! I’m happy to take a look into your account over email, and see what is happening in the matter if you still have not gotten a single update since reporting this, as this is not the experience I want you to have. If that’s ok, please email and I will follow up with you accordingly.