Stutter after the first second of recording

Hi, my video doorbell 2 records video and audio fine, but when I come to review footage it stops after the 1st second, stutters and then carries on, almost like it lagged a little. I.e. someone will walk into view and it will start recording, then they’ll stop after the 1st second, then they’ll appear a few steps on after 2nd second? Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi there, @D4NCV! This description is similar to that of a dropped frame or freeze frame in video. This will often happen due to network signal strength or interferences. Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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@Marley_Ring, thank you for the information, I have a Signal Strength of RSSI 66 currently. Is there any way to boost this signal from my router, as unfortunately I cannot move the router itself? Thanks.