stuff inside my Ring 2 doorbell / no power

Bought a Ring 2 doorbell. Opened it this morning (after charging the battery all night long: it showed green this morning with no amber color). Tried to put the battery in only to discover there were 2 small screws in a very tiny baggie stuffed up into the battery slot along with a fabric “pull tab”. I pulled the tab out of the way and inserted the batttery. Nothing happened: no lights. After several attempts, I put the battery back on the charger and now it shows not charged and has been charging again for nearly an hour. Not understanding why there were screws up in that battery slot and whether that has anything to do with the doorbell not lighting up when the battery was inserted. Or whether the battery is defective right out of the box.

Can’t say why the screws were up there. Packing possibly. But, yes that would stop the battery from making contact. Let the battery sit a few hours. 6 to 8 should do it.

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