Stuck in People Only Mode


I turned People Only Mode on right away due to traffic on my street. My 30-day trial just ran out. While I’m trying to determine if I need the subscription, I am being pestered with alerts every few minutes about motion. I’d like to turn down the sensitivity but am unable change that setting while People Only Mode is on. I am unable to change from People Only Mode since my trial period has ended and the ability to change that part has been removed. I am stuck in People Only Mode yet unable to reap the benefits of it. What can I do other than pay membership fees to fix this problem?

Thank you

Hey @Kalindo. If you remove your device and re-set it up, you should have People Only Mode turned off and not available! To remove the device from your account, you will go into the Main Menu > Devices > Device to remove > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device. After you have removed the device from your account, you can set it up again and let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

This seems like a work around for a software issue rather than a solution. I am having the same issue and would rather not disassemble my doorbell.