Streaming Error / Stick Up Cam

I have a stick up cam and it was working fine but now it wont showm me the live view. It keeps giving me streaming error. I have restart it by pressing the orange button and done the trouble shooting i have read. I have a good connection. RSSI-47 is the strenght. Its connected to wifi, batter at 90%. The last time it record any motion was Monday at 9pm and after that i havent been able to view live at all. Can anyone help? idk what else to do.

Hey @Aj1944! Thank you for confirming your RSSI. I recommend also checking mobile device variables such as wifi connection only, or cell data connection only, to see if one works better than the other. Try also removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, as well as ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled.

If this concern persists, please attempt a reset on the Camera by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the same streaming error problem with my new wired Stick Up Cam in my back garden. My connection test reads ‘Success! Your Stick Up Cam has a good internet connection’

Signal strength shows RSSI -30 and it is connected to the right network. It will work for a few seconds intermittently so I think the set up (done a few times now) is OK. I have also tried the 20s reset before set up with no improvement. I have also set up inside the house and here it seems to work much better. This suggests to me that the cam has a system requirement beyond good RSSI and good internet connection that I don’t know about and therefore cannot fix. Help!

OK, since my post on this topic yesterday (10 May 2020) I have now got my new wired Stick Up Cam working. I recalled similar problems with my Door Cam when I got it a few years ago - these were solved with a free Chime Pro extender. So I have taken the Chime Pro to the back of my garden/yard and plugged it in next to my TP-link powerline extender and the Stick Up Cam.

Then I reconnected the Stick Up Cam to the Chime Pro instead of my TP-link powerline home network wifi extender and all seems to be working perfectly. Of course it is impossible for me to explain why the device might work with a Chime Pro extender but not with the TP-link extender that the Chime Pro is now using for its own internet connection, but so far it does!!

Now I need to properly wire in a new 4-way connector it all.

The critical battery warning on my wired device still shows but that is another topic!

Now I’m just down one Chime Pro and keeping fingers crossed my old door cam communication issues won’t return without it.

I would finally add that customer support when I had door cam issues a few years ago was exceptionally good and a marked contrast to now when there seems to be no UK support line and I’ve relied on this community forum for information (none of which helped).

It has been a very frustrating and time consuming installation.

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