Strange screw used in mounting bracket for Spotlight Battery Cam

Has anyone ordered a Spolight Cam Battery recently? Just got mine and trying to mount it but can’t because the screw used in the mouting collar is so uncommon and i have no bit for it. The screw driver included with the kit is a standard philips but the screw in the mounting collar is star pattern but it also has tiny stem in the center of the star protruding that i can’t use any regular “star” bit. This is so frustrating. How can they use such a strange screw? Now my only option is to drill the thing out and use another screw.

I’ve included a photo. In the center is a protruding stem preventing me from using a regular star bit.

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Hi @madsam06. This looks to be the security screw we have installed in the device which has a specific screw head that only we make and sell. This is to ensure that nobody can come up to your device with a normal screw to unscrew it and take it from you. If you grab the included screwdriver provided, you can take the screw part out and flip it around, and this should be the security screwdriver size that you are needing!

That was it, thank you Chelsea! Had no idea that screw driver was reversible.

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One of my cameras did not include the star security screw either. I have contacted Ring support 6x and still cannot get them to send me the proper screw. Where can I get this screw before someone walks away with my camera?

Thank you.