Strange bar of lights detected

The sensitivity on the doorbell cam is set low so bugs don’t trigger the motion sensor. This triggered the door cam at 04:20 am last week. It starts on the right side and moves up and to the left. Bright lights on the top and bottom and dim lights through the middle. Very straight. It was not a spider web with dew either.

My first guess would have been a spider web. But after really looking at it magnified and the way the lights move in perfect sync until the bottom of the two reaches a certain point and the top fades away, it has to be a double reflection. EG light is bouncing of another point, from the original source, and then the lens is picking that reflection up as a lens flare. Or I could be way off base, lol.

Hi @Skull_One. As you can see in the screenshot I captured, this is a spiderweb. The two points that are bright could be something like water droplets or dust on the web, causing the image we’re seeing.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 8.33.29 AM