Strand "circles" on stick cam

I was on holiday in the USA which is 5 hours behind us in the UK. I have a camera in my lounge which i checked periodically when away. On one evening around 10pm US time and 3:00AM UK time, we noticed two white “rings” appeared on the camera in my lounge and one moved about 1 meter whilst the other one stayed where it was. I have closed blinds and no light could have been shone through them and the house lights were off, no other lights were on and all electronics were unplugged before we went away. . Also, these “rings” did not appear on any previous evenings. We kept watching and over a 1-2 hour period they moved to about 1m apart and kept moving in various directions in small movements. Weirdly, I also have a door cam and that was fine. After about 40min we suddenly were unable to connect to the lounge cam or the door cam, although we could get updated preview pictures from the dashboard ! We then connected to our Hue hub (proving my internet at home was fine!) and turned the lights on in the lounge and from the preview could see the lights on and no “rings”. After about 10min we got connected again and the “rings” had moved again, one on one of my chairs and the other still about 1m away however both still moving around… We then put the lights on and left them on - the alarm system was not triggered at all either… We got someone to check the next day and all was fine… the next evening the “rings” did not reappear and have not since… Very very weird !! Anyone else ever had something like this ?

Hi @thorn2k. I’d recommend reviewing the marked solution in this thread, as it may apply to what you saw on your Cameras. It was likely a small bug or dust motes that caused what you saw. I hope this helps.

HI thanks for the link, it is similar but not the same and its not insects or mites or dust as the video as are clearly showing “rings” and they move independently and change:
Ring #AlwaysHome. Both start way up on the left side of the wall from the above video and move almost instantly to where they are at the start of the above one. As you will see in the next one they have moved away from the location and the right side one appears to be in midair as it was originally in front of my TV. Unfortunately I dont have the video of where they first appeared from “nowhere” and moved across the room as its not on ring but I do have a copy on my phone. Here is a video taken 20 min later:
Ring #AlwaysHome
Bear in mind around 3-5 min after seeing these I lost connection to both my indoor lounge cam and my doorbell cam for a good 10-15 min…