Straight power barrel connector for Spotlight cam?

Hi, I am mounting a powered Spotlight cam and have to run the power cable through a wall. The barrel connector provided with the power supply is elbow-shaped which makes this difficult & I would like to have a straight connector. Are these available (without buying a whole new unit) or are there suitable third party products?

Hi @Laminator. All of our accessories with a barrel plug are elbow-shaped. You’re welcome to add the suggestion for a straight barrel plug connector to our Feature Request board.

I’ll do that Caitlyn. What is the specification for the connector? The split barrel on that size looks unusual.

Hi @Laminator. What specifications are you looking for? It’s a barrel connector, and it works with compatible Ring devices.

I want to buy a third party straight barrel connector to solve my problem. I am looking for enough information to buy the right part. Size of barrel, anything else of relevance.

Hi @Laminator. I am happy to chime. We do not have any more information on the barrel plug. We also do not recommend using third-party adapters to power your Ring Cameras, as they may not work correctly.

Not very helpful, Justin. To state the obvious, the camera may not work correctly with a third-party adapter, but it does not work at all if there is no power supply, and I cannot use the one you provided for the reason given. If Ring is unable to provide a solution, it should at least be willing to provide information so that a customer can solve the problem him/herself. A 5vDC supply is readily available and in any case I can use the one supplied. For the camera end - and in the absence of helpful input - I will just have to measure up the barrel plug, buy a few of apparently compatible sizes and test them out.

Hi @Laminator. Best of luck. It is important to note that using third-party devices with your Ring products can void your warranty. Since none of these third-party devices have been tested with Ring products, you are using them at your own risk. I would suggest simply drilling a slightly larger hole to feed the barrel plug through or hiring a qualified electrician to safely complete this install for you.

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