Storing footage

Just had a new indoor cam delivered today :slight_smile:

How do you store footage locally, say on my computer/laptop hard disk or phone memory without having to use the cloud storage? Is there an option in settings of the application where I can choose where the videos or snapshots are saved? I’ve have looked but I can’t find such an option.

I understand Ring offer cloud storage however I don’t need this because I have countless TBs of storage space of my own, both in the form of hard disk drives and a 5TB Nas drive which is always on. So without a doubt, I have no need for cloud storage (incase somebody tries convincing me otherwise).

But i’m worried fallen into a bit of a trap… After about 2 hours of messing around I can’t figure it out. All footage seems to be sent to the Ring servers. To view it, you have to stream it from the Ring servers… at a cost! Argh! Please tell me my assessment of this is wrong.

I don’t need to send all my footage to a cloud storage, just need to be able to see through the camera and play back footage either on my computer or phone. My NAS drive is connected to WIFI, I see no reason why it can’t be used as a location to save footage from the camera.

Has anyone else had this problem. Please let me know how solved it. Cheers.

It’s not a DVR system. It’s cloud based. You will need a subscription after 30 days of the free trial. You can manually download video and pictures. But there’s no way to automatically do it.