Stop with updating

I can’t keep up with all your changes. Where can I go back and view what it’s been looking at all day. All I see is live now. You must think I have hours to get to know where everything is every week. Are all the other companies like this. Don’t tell me you’re trying to make it better, because I liked the way I could see live or scroll through the footage. Once again, please where can I do this…

So never mind. I figured it out. All I have to do is end the live view and then it goes to another screen. Not like the arrows it mentions to do…they don’t exist on the live page

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Hi @Aintaho. I’m glad you got this sorted out! It sounds like you were asking about the Event History Timeline, which you can also find more information on in our Help Center Article here if needed. Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: