Still No Updated Alarm?

Some Feedback for Ring:

Still no updated version of this alarm after all this time? It has some shortcomings / dated features:

1. Limted to 2 Zones - seriously vulnerable at night

Rng only offer the followng setting options: Home (Perimeter) and Away (fully Armed).

Yet official statistics show 25% ie 1/4 of all burglaries involves entry through a window. That means for anyone with a Ring alam set to Home at night time, 1/4 of all burglar entries will go undetected. That’s a serious riisk.

LInk to Government Statistics on Method of Entry: Nature of burglary - GOV.UK

Many dedicated alarm companies for this reason offer at least 3 zones:

Full (Away)
Partial (Night Time)
Perimeter (Home)

The addition of a Partial or Nightime mode enables you set Perimeter sensors alongside the downstairs PIR sensors but excluding upstairs PIR’s thereby covering against window entry and offering near 100% protection but still allowing occupants to go to the toilet without disabling the alarm.

Ring, really need to produce an updated version of their alarm with this extra (Partial / Night Time) Mode added.

2. Out of date Interface

Whilst Ring continue to offer a white plastic case with buttons, many alarms, even cheap ones on Amazon, have progressed to touch smoked glass touch screens much more in line with modern interiors and living. Isn’t it time Ring updated to a black glass touch screen with colour icons and menus?

Amazon example (not recommendtion - for visual reference only):


I am not sure what you are referring to in your first point. While I agree a break-ins can be through a window, if system is set to “home” and a window is opened, the alarm will go off immediately which is what you want it do to so not sure why you think otherwise unless you did not set-up the contact sensors correctly. I just tested this but setting my system to home and then opening a window. Alarm went off immediately. Make sure you have noted with a window sensor that it indeed is marked as a window.

Zones is kind of an outdated term that was used mostly with commercial alarm systems or those companies who started in the commercial side before moving to the consumer side. You can get the same capability by just setting the sensors correctly.

I also have motion detectors near every window or group of windows so that if they defeat the sensors with some method, coming in the house will set-off the motion sensors.

Now for your second point. The Interface. Frankly a glass touch screen would mean added cost. Second, if you have something on your fingers…like lotion, a touch screen may not work when you need it. Third, these keypads work very well and you only need to charge them every 6 to 9 months. With a touch screen, you will have to run cords or charge it every day or so. I think Ring did this correct with a standard attractive keypad.

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Sorry but I would have to disagree that no-one needs more than Disarmed, Home, and Away.

You say that if it’s set up properly windows should be protected but they’re not.

1. You say window opening sensors will detect windows being opened. Apart from the cost of putting window contact sensors on every window, and the cost of regularly replacing all those additional batteries, most windows entries occur via breakage of the glass

2. Most entries via glass are via glass breakage The same cost and complexity applies to glass break sensors as window opening sensors. It’s far better and cheaper and more efficient to have a single PIR in a room than 6 glass break sensors per room. That’s 6 times the cost and number of batteries and 6 times as many sensors to fail (2 small and large side windows each side, and 2 small and large main windows per room).

You also say Zones is an outdated concept. What is Home or Away other than Zones? They’re just mroe consumer friendly named zones, but they’re still zones. That’s why I suggested having Home, Night and Away as this gives 3 zones but keeps it friendly and simple to understand and set up.

With regards to the keypad, many are bettery operated but I doubt plugging it in would be an issue especially if it was plug in with a battery backup. It could be all touch screen or touch screen plus physical keypad, there are many combinations out there. However, it would take Ring out of the white hard plastic made cheap in China look in curently has give it a more premium look that would fit in with more modernb household decors.

In my areas and the surrounding area of radius of 7 miles to where I live, I’ve not seen a single Ring Alarm System fitted, which I think is a fair indication of the amount of consumers Ring is failing to convince with the current system.

Many people around me have recently upgraded alrms but not a single one chose RIng.

I currently run a 10 Year Old system by RISCO and I’m looking to upgrade to something newer, but whereas the updated keypad look is not a deal breaker, the lack of at least 3 zones is and I’ve been waiting 3 years now to see if anything changes with Ring, but it hasn’t so far.

Not having night time protection from window intrusion given 25% of burglaries occur this way is unacceptable to me.

With my current system I have Perimeter (Home) which is door sensors only, Full (Away) which is everything armed and Partial (Night) which enables me to choose which sensors are armed in setup and enables me to have perimeter sensors + all downstairs PIR’s active ensuring total downstairs coverage whilst allowing trips to the toilet etc upstairs.

I’m not prepared to trade that for a system that leaves my downstairs unprotected unless I invest in 20+ Windows sensors. Even then it doesn’t work because what if it’s hot, your at home and want to opena downstairs window? You have to mess around with disabling the sensor on the system to enable that and then have to add it back in afterwards! Much easier and quicker to have a home zone that’s perimeter only.

You mention Alexa, there’s now way I’m having something that listens to eveything I say in my home espeically givent he alleged privacy breaches that havce allegedly occured.

My main point here is not only the short comings but how many homes Ring is missing out on. With not a single system I’ve seen EVER installed, anywhere but certainly within a 7 mile radius of my home, and I live in a middle class areas where virtually every home is alarmed, it speaks volumes as to how much Ring is missing out on large segments of the market by simply having a system that is too basic.

It’s not a rant. But 2 zones isn’t fit for purpose.

Why would you fit buy and fit 18 window sensors when 3 PIRs which you’re probably going to fit anyway but can’t use on home setting, would do the same job?

I fully understand Ring is supposed to be simple. But adding a night function / button hardly makes it complex.

It just shows short sightedness on the part of Ring when designing the smart alarm.

A mid life refresh with a new interface would be an ideal time to address the issue.

Hey neighbors, thank you for sharing your feedback and engaging in a civil discussion about the different features and settings available with the Ring Alarm system. Our teams are always working on improving the Ring system and app, so we appreciate all the feedback we receive. While the Ring Alarm system has a good amount of customization available, it’s understandable that it still may not be the right fit for you depending on your home security needs. Thank you again for sharing!

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Thanks for the reply Caitlan.

I hope Ring will consider adding a night zone and also updating the keypad to something with more upmarket decor. They’ve done the latter with many of their doorbells, but it seems the alarm has slipped a little behind on aethetics. A quick and rapid update would be a great response and show a company that listens to it’s customer base. :+1: