Stickup Camera

Do you need the Ring Chime Pro to get notifications and talk on the Stickup camera?

Hey @pugdog. The Ring Chime Pro is an accessory you should get if you are seeing your RSSI being at a high value, or if you are having issues connecting to the Live View. You do not need it in order to talk on your Stick Up Cam. You can access the Live View at any time and use the two-way talk feature to speak to anyone on the other side. Additionally, notifications of motion will show up as long as you’re logged into the Ring app on your phone. You can get the Ring Chime Pro if you want to hear the motion chime in your home if you’re not near your phone, but you cannot talk to others through the speaker box.

I have the Chime Pro and the doorbell already. We do not receive notifications thru our phone or Chime Pro.

@pugdog Do you have the Ring app installed on your phone? If you do, please make sure you are still logged in and the Chime Pro is online. From there, if you have the app installed and logged in, please remove the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone and then reinstall the app. Once you’re logged back in, make sure the Chime Pro is still online, and then under your other devices’ profile, go to Linked Chimes and make sure the Chime Pro is connected to send notifications through there.

Then, give a motion alert a test by walking in front of your camera! You can make sure from there that you hear the Chime Pro go off and get a notification to your phone!

Went thru all of that and it is still the same. It works great except during that period of time (around 10:00pm - 5:00am).

I did set a schedule for no notifications and then turned it off. I’ll see what happens tonight.

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