Stickup cam setup .. unable to find Wi-Fi?

Hi, anyone that has gad this issue… turn on cam , cam goes into setup mode an connects to the app on an iPhone with iOS15

But when it search for Wi-Fi it jumps back to start op setup “light blinking” step

??? Tried on multiple cams and also phones and wifi’s

I have the same problem with 3 stickup cams. No problems with previous installed equipment.

Borrow an Android phone from a friend.
Install the Ring app.
Log in with your userid.
Install the stickupcams

(Delete the app from your friends smartphone…)

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Hi @Jimmihs! As @olem suggested, trying a different device during setup is a good troubleshooting step that often works. You can also find more help for failed setups in our Help Center Article here. Give those steps a try and let me know if anything works for you! :slight_smile:


I am having this very same problem. I have tried all the trouble shooting steps Caitlyn_Ring suggested. I have a fully charged battery. I start the setup in the Ring App. My stick up cam announces it has connected to the ring app showing as “Ring Setup 07”. It then begins searching for a wifi connection and I get “Your iPhone is not connected to the internet”. I have disabled the 5 GHz band on my router and it’s running 2.4 GHz only. I have confirmed my WiFi is not on a channel greater than 10 (another thing I read online). My wife signal is very strong - I have a very high end router. My ISP is rock solid - I have 1GB FIOS internet and my devices around the house pull between 400 - 800 mbps over wifi. I tried setting up the cam with my iPad as well. I’ve setup many Ring devices over the years without issue. I’m totally stumped and very frustrated. I’m a pretty technical guy but can’t figure this one out. Appreciate any additional tips.


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Hey Folks - after spending hours attempting to setup my stick up cam with my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone and my iPad, scouring the web and fiddling with my router I finally took the advice above and grabbed my kid’s ancient Amazon Fire Tablet. The camera quickly went through the setup process w/out any issues. I was then able to uninstall the Ring App from my son’s Fire Tablet and access it via my Apple devices. Not sure what the issue is with my iOS devices being unable to move to the wifi connection step after establishing a connection with the camera but it was a terribly frustrating experience. I wish I’d taken the advice above much sooner! Thanks Olem.

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Hi, what can I do if I don’t have access to an Android device? I set up my first stick up cam through the iOS app a couple of months ago and it was very smooth and worked first time. I’m now trying to set up a second stick up cam and I’m having the problem above.

Ring, are you going to update your app to allow the addition of stick up cams on iOS?

Hi @phili27. Trying the setup process on a different device is a troubleshooting step for when you are encountering any concerns. Ring devices can be set up on iOS and Android devices. If the setup isn’t working and you’ve tried the steps in our Help Center Article here, I’d recommend following up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile: