Stickup cam outdoors at night

Considering purchasing a solar stickup cam to monitor the gate into our backyard. How good is the image quality at night?

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Hey @Bob397! Our camera enabled devices all feature night vision and low light adjustment. Depending on the environment and device model, there are also video settings that can be used to further adjust to lighting scenarios. :slight_smile:

Hi Bob…I find the image quality pretty good… Here`s an example of mine,

There is no extra illumination turned on, If I open the door and look out, it`s actually pitch black. So what you see is from the cams infra red.

Excuse state of garden, in middle of building work. lol.

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Jeez… mine looks no where near that good. I can’t see the back of my car 15 feet away from the cam…

Hi Rick… It`s a powered plug-in stick up, not battery, so not sure if that helps.

The wifi signal strength isnt that brilliant in its current position, having to go via a chime pro, the RSSI at the cam is -55 and -39 at the chime pro.

But, satisfied generally,and happy with the infra red.