Stickup cam not registering motion

Our neighbour throws rubbish (rocks / rotten food / dead vermin) into our front yard over a 1.8 metre fence. SA police recommended video evidence before charges brought. I’ve set up Stickup gen3 battery cam at approximately 10 feet away from the fence - I’ve tuned the field of coverage, set maximum motion sensor, turned off smart alerts, turned on video recording of motion but it’s not working.
I’ve conducted tests where I throw items (small box / rolled tea towels / apples) in front of the camera but nothing is captured, but if I wave a broom in front of the camera this is.
Surely your camera should register when an object moves over field of view? Help me please because this has so far been a waste of time / money / effort.

If you’re running it on battery, that’s the problem. Battery automatically configures it in a power saving mode and motion detection is dramatically reduced.

You can go into the device’s settings and reconfigure it for plugged in mode which will get motion detection to work but the problem with that is in that mode it will drain a full battery in less than 24 hours.

If you’re already running it plugged in, then I don’t know what the problem would be other than the items being thrown are so small and moving so fast that they don’t trigger a recording. My stickup cam in plugged in mode doesn’t detect fast moving objects, even a person if the person is running and only in the frame for a second or less.

You may want to consider a camera that can record to SD card and 24/7 so even if it misses a motion detection it will still record everything.

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Thank you for such a comprehensive reply
Clearly I’ve bought the wrong product for the job - sigh :frowning: