Stickup cam night vision - IR turns on and off every few seconds

outdoor battery stickup cam. when motion is detected, video starts and IR is on. A few seconds later, IR turns off and then flashes on again. This repeats for the 30-second video.

Hi there, @rjd2! If this is the night vision IR adjusting in this manner, it can be due to differences in lighting. While I’m sure the lighting in the area is not changing, if you have a lot of ambient light (street lights, porch lights, vehicle lights, yard lights, etc.) this can cause your camera to adjust based on that lighting. While this is intended to either be night vision or color video, try adjusting some of the nearest lighting to see if this helps. Here is also our Help Center article for troubleshooting night vision. :slight_smile:

There is no ambient light nearby. It’s a very dark area. The Help Center article included no troubleshooting steps for the stick up camera - just doorbells.

Thanks for trying those steps! The only other thing I would recommend is ensuring the battery is charged, or power is sufficient. Powering down the device entirely for a couple moments, and powering it back on, is always a great step to try.

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