Stickup cam goes offline

My stickup cam will go offline every 2 days. It’s not a network issue. The doorbell camera further away is rock solid. Unplugging the solar panel and pulling the battery resets it and it reconnects immediately without doing anything to the network.


Hi, I have had the exact same issue. Bought a pair a few weeks ago and my cameras go offline every 2-3 days and require battery removal and replacement to kick it back into life. My garage camera lasted 4 days this time and then went.

I have even given both of them a static IP address to try and rule out any kind of network issue. I work in the field and have no issues with my home network with any other device including my ring doorbell.

I contacted support and have a replacement stickup on the way but I think it’s more likely a poorly made product that will have these issues constantly.

I will be returning both I expect in the coming weeks


The doorbell is solid. The stick up cams are just poor products. My 5g fiber is solid and stable yet stick up cams are constantly offline “activating device” nonsense. Will never recommend this product.