Stickup CAM Battery model with Solar panel battery dies

I have had a couple of Stick up cams with the battery running for probably a year now. I just added a solar panel to one and have found that the battery in the CAM dies everyday. I also just setup a net new Stickup cam battery model also with the solar panel and that one works fine.


Stickup working fine app configuration is Power Source Power Outlet (Status Very Good), Power mode is Battery.

Stickup cam not working correctly is Power Source Power Outlet(Status Very Poor), Power mode is Wired.

The only reason I have wired on the CAM with the issues is because the app alerted me that I would get improved motion detection.

Can you assist?

Thank you

I’m having a similar issue and I think it may have to be because we have power mode set as “Wired”. I’m doing a test at my place with my two stick up cams w/ Solar Panels. I’m leaving one set as Power Mode: Battery and the other as Power Mode: Wired. I’m definitely having issues with the one that is “wired”. I changed it to wired the other day because I got a notification from the app too about it not being wired. I just assume i had it wired from the beginning but maybe it was battery? Who knows at this point. That is why I’m testing the two to see which setting actually charges the battery and which ones doesn’t.

Thank you, raspsu1.

yup sounds like the same problem. I’ve swapped out the dead battery 2 days in a row. usually lasts about 18 hours or so.

I have the same issue. Did switching back to battery mode help? If so I will switch my cameras from wired to battery.

I changed the setting back to battery from wired and its holding a charge. I have to imagine something is wrong with the firmware.

Hey neighbors! If you have the Stick Up Cam Battery with the solar panel, please still have it be in a battery mode. In wired mode, we have been noticing that the battery will not charge like it should and be used as it should, since it is trying to pull all power from the wired source, the solar panel, which only has power sometimes in the day. In addition, it gives the wired option since the connection port is the same as if a neighbor were to put in the Plug-In Adapter to make it wired for non-stop power.

Our team is currently looking into this to see if with the solar option, you can be in wired mode, but this is unlikely with a battery operated device. Please continue to keep it in battery mode over wired mode in the meantime.

The app prompts me to configure the camera for wired mode, and then the battery is dead in less than 24 hours. Then it prompts me to configure the camera for wired mode. What’s the correct mode for the solar cam? And how long should the battery last from full charge with default configuration?

I have two stickup cams that were working fine, battery lasting 3 weeks or more on a charge. Purchased solar panels recently and have had nothing but problems since. I have reset the cameras half a dozen times, with and without solar panels connected. Recharged the batteries fully each time before setting them up. Doesn’t matter if they are in wired or battery mode, batteries go dead in 12 hours or so. Customer support agreed to replace one panel and one camera. There’s clearly a firmware problem that has bricked both of my cameras, no idea what the solar panel has to do with it but now no matter what I do or how I set these up they don’t work. I’d like to return both panels and have both cameras replaced, all of this purchased less than 3 months ago and still under warranty.

My solar panel isn’t charging in either mode. It shows its charging, but battery life keeps decreases.

Hey neighbors! While the Solar Panel is designed to provide a trickle charge to your Camera, it is still possible that with a large number of events, your Camera’s battery could drain more quickly than it can be charged. One way you can reduce the number of events your Ring is receiving is by adjusting the Motion Frequency settings. I would also suggest giving our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. They’ll be able to take a deeper look at your device and work directly with you to find the settings that work best. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.