Stickup cam battery based

Because the camera showing me ‘loading’ when i asked for live view, brought in and put it next to the router but still showing ‘loading’
The wifi works very well else i would not be able to type in this comment, would i?
I have other products such as kinetic lights and cctv linked to wifi working very well!
So tell me why?

Loosing my time and money.

Got few door bells, today purchased a stickup cam with battery and testing it.
Well it carries on showing me ‘loading…’ when i try to view live, but showing me what i missed in events views!
What is going on, ring, i am now so fedup by the lack of true support i will be trying the simply safe cameras, they are also going to come out with a door bell soon. But all what i need is true camera i can view what is going on not the perpetual ‘loading’ message.

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. If the Live View on your Stick Up Cam is not working, there are a few different potential causes. First, what is the RSSI listed as on the Device Health page for your Stick Up Cam? The RSSI gives us an indication of how strong the wifi signal to the Camera is. We also have a list of troubleshooting tips for Live View in this Community post that can help narrow down what the cause is.