Stickup Cam Battery (3rd Generation) Motion Detection Range very short

I recently purchased this cam to monitor a stairway in our home. Setup was seamless, signal strength in the 30-50 RSSI range, and most features seem to be working okay. However, as I walk down the stairway towards the camera, it does not start recording (blue light comes on) until I reach the very bottom stair (8 ft. directly in front of the cam.) I have tried tilting, changing cam height between 2 ft. and 6 ft, set motion sensitivity on max, and advanced motion detection is on, but the detection range is never more than 9 ft. or so. I have even come down the stairs wildly waving my hands, but that makes no difference. What am I missing??

Hi @user56003. Those were good troubleshooting steps to try for your concern. Try also rebooting the Camera using the Ring app to see if it helps. If you have tried this step as well and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

I’m having the same problem, I upgraded from a plug in to a battery stick camera. The battery shows no motion while the plug in shows everything. I placed them side by side to try to adjust settings, still nothing. I have rebooted the battery camera twice.

I have not been able to position the camera satisfactorily for what I am trying to accomplish. This does not appear to be anything wrong with the camera or its capabilities. I am now using it at a different location for a totally different purpose. My current question is: how can I turn off the blue light? I was able to do it before, but can’t recall the steps I took. TIA

Hi @user56003. I’m glad you found a different location and use for the Stick Up Camera, and hopefully that works out better for you. At this time, the blue light to indicate that your Camera is recording cannot be turned off. The option to do this has been requested before, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. You’re welcome to add your feedback to that request.

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