Stickers or no stickers?

I have a few Ring stickers that I haven’t used yet. I know that here In France, some people think that if you advertise the brand of your alarm system you could give potential burglars useful details they could use. I may think the same think. I prefer not to give any information about my alarm system. You can buy warning stickers on internet with no brand. I know some people just buy warning stickers without having any alarm system.

Overall I’m a fan of no stickers. As you mentioned, I don’t like to advertise. I do have a few spots on my house that are a little isolated and have stickers in those windows. Most people will never see them though. Anyone who does has already been captured on multiple cameras and at night the motion lights on those cameras will hopefully make them rethink any trouble before they get to the stickers.

Overall I’m not sure it matters. A determined thief will break in anyway. Most alarms and warnings only scare away people looking for an easy score. We do what we can.


Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, a determined thief will break in anyway. I don’t live in a house (apartment building). It’s a 3 story building with 6 apartments in total. I mostly rely on the siren to prevent any burglar from going any further.