Stick up wired cam set up issues

Hi, have a new wired stick up cam. Was working really well until the power went off and has not come back online. Have tried the below

  • restarting the modem/router
  • pushing the Orange button
  • tired a different Poe injector box
  • removing and trying to re add the unit
  • full hard reset holding the set up button down for 10+ seconds
  • different network cables

All that happens is that the unit comes on and the blue light remains constant and does not flash or change at all. Anyone have any ideas???

I don’t know if this will help, but I was under the impression that a “Full Factory Reset” required holding the Orange set up button down for 30+ seconds … not just 10+ seconds. Maybe you are not getting it into the full reset mode? A short tap, or long 30+hold, both will begin the set up mode.

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