Stick Up Wired & Battery reconnect issue

Both the stick up battery and stick up battery (now hardwired) with pan. I there is a power surge / outage with internet down the cameras don’t reconnect. I have to go to each camera and cycle the power. HELP…

Try moving your WiFi access point closer and see if they reconnect better after you power cycle the cameras just as a test.

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They are all at different locations. I’ve tested the wifi at each location and have good to great results. 80 to 200 mbps. They connect with out issue once the power is recycled (unplug or remove and reinstall battery). Oh… and I have move the locations previously.


Hi @user14066. What is the RSSI on your Stick Up Cams? You can find the RSSI on the Device Health page in the Ring app, and it will indicate how strong the wifi connection to your Stick Up Cam is. A higher RSSI could indicate a less stable wifi connection, causing your Cameras to not be able to automatically reconnect after a power or wifi outage.