Stick Up Wall Mount for Ring Indoor Cam?

I just bought the Ring Indoor Camera today and was disappointed to find the mount is not very flexible. I am using it indoors but aimed out a window, and as such I need to mount it to the side of the window frame.

I am wondering whether the mount for the Stick Up camera is also compatible with the Indoor camera? This one in particular:

Hi @O_VER. The mount for the Stick Up Cam is not compatible with the Indoor Cam. They utilize different mounting surfaces and cannot be interchanged. I can pass this feedback along to the appropriate team for consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tom. Sorry to disagree with you but in the meantime since I made this post, I took the plunge and ordered the wall mount anyway. I didn’t expect a response.

It fits perfectly on the Ring Indoor Cam. They have exactly the same hexagonal mounting and screw holes. Very happy but also very confused as to why you would say they’re incompatible.

Hi @O_VER. Correct, they both share the hexagonal shape that allows them to attach to each other, but the round mounting plate for the Stick Up Cam may not perfectly align with the mounting plate for the Indoor Cam. With this in mind, you may have to drill new holes to accommodate the new mount. Sorry for any confusion and I’m glad you are able to make this work for you!