Stick Up Solar Cam missing events


I’m using a Stick Up Cam (connected with solar panel) at my front yard for less than a month.
I using this Stick Up Cam with 5min snapshot function. I saw several snapshots with cars etc. in the motion zone but I did not get any motion alert. Sometimes I get alerts from cars at my front yard but sometimes not people detection is a bit better. Furthermore I switched off the people only mode (never switched on this function) but if I arrive to home never perceive our car. I waited minutes in front of the garage and staring to my phone, moving back and forth with car but the cam does not recognise the motion until I got out of the car (I tried it several times). It is rather annoying because it is a security device and it should be work 100%.
I linked this cam with a Doorbell 3. The linked videos works perfect and every time and the live video also so I think the connection should be fine. Sometimes in the device health I saw poor connection but I cannot accept this problem because I using Mesh system in my house every device works fine and my phones got also good connection next to the cam and doorbell (76,5/14,8 Mbps). So if the connection is poor it may cause there is poor antenna in the ring devices.
This problem rather annoying and you want a piece from my salary for this service (3€/month/device) in every single month. This is unacceptable from my side. If the problem cannot be solved I will demand full refund and choose other company products.

Hi @tothsz. I can absolutely see how this is not working as intended. I’ll make a few suggestions to see if you can get the motion detection to improve. First, how high is the Stick Up Cam mounted? Next, I’d say to edit your motion zone. Instead of having one large zone, try covering that same area with 3 smaller zones. This allows motion detection to be more accurate. Lastly, make sure your Motion Frequency is set to Frequent. This will ensure that every motion is captured. I would make these few changes and monitor the cameras behavior for a few days while the changes take effect. Keep in mind, that the mounting height will affect how the camera detects motion. The optimal height is between 7-9 ft.

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