Stick Up or Spotlight cam for front of house / Solar

Hello Neighbors,

I’d like to put a security cam on the front of my house. My neighborhood has shallow front yards so there will be frequent auto and pedistrian traffic near the home.

Should I get the Stick Up Cam for this situration to avoid distractions and annoying people as they go by with the light?

It also sounds like many folks aren’t happy with the solar option. I do have access to outlet, but would like to avoid using one up. If I get a lot of direct sun, would solar work ok and with not having to recharge and/or replace batteries?

Hey @PalmSpringsBill. The Stick Up Cam is something I would definitely recommend in your situation, especially if you do not need the additional lighting and do not want to worry about it coming on frequently from people passing by. The Solar is also a great addition to the Stick Up Cam, but you will want to ensure it is in an area that is getting 4 or more hours of direct sunlight, as this is a common thing neighbors run into, when they do not get enough sunlight or it’s in a shaded and not direct sunlight area.

I recommend giving the solar option a try if you prefer to not worry about plugging in the device with an outlet, and if it doesn’t seem to keep your batteries lasting as long as you’d prefer, then you can buy the Plug-In Adapter at any time to convert it to a Plug-In version for nonstop power! Please note that the solar panel should help give it a 10% trickle charge a day with the 4 hours of more of direct sunlight, so you may still need to charge up the battery or swap it for a freshly charged battery every few months.