Stick up cams missing event(s)?

Hi all!

Just sat here and watched our 2 ring cams miss a large event. Car drove into our driveway, person got out and walked to the front door where one camera is, then back to their car and left. We have a camera at the front door and one at the front of the house. Usually these cams pick up everything.

Using battery stick up cams, motion settings are on frequent. Have settings for motion and person alerts on. Turned up the sensitivity a bit. Not sure what’s going on. Strong Wi-Fi signal. Batteries above 70%.

I opened the app while the car was here and it took a snapshot for thumbnails of the said vehicle, but zero motion detections. The camera on the front of the house catches cars driving by on the street, so missing a closer car in our driveway is really weird. The front door camera always picks us up coming home (driveway in view) and our walk up to said door.

To my wife and I this is huge to miss, what’s going on?

Hi @Dhawky. Can you post a screenshot of the view from this Camera? This might help the Community determine if the camera is at the proper height/angle. The mounting height and angle of the device is crucial to how the Camera detects motion.