Stick up cameras

  1. I have two stick up cameras both powered from the mains.(240v AC) but both are showing warning messages that their battery voltage is low and they are both offline.

They are both working perfectly, so why is this annoying warning constantly there?

  1. When I access my doorbell and cameras, the doorbell instantly shows a live picture. The two stick up cameras I have to click on , select ‘Live’ and then go back to home screen and they will be showing a live picture but only for a short time. How do I get the cameras to show a live picture constantly?

@BigBarney58 According to Ring, I have a gen 3 wired cam (stick up), so assuming you are in the same boat as me, it should have come with a battery. The indicator will not go away without the battery, but it will also not affect the operation, unless you lose power to the source. They are sending me a battery, maybe they will do the same for you. Good Luck.

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@BigBarney58 Have you check under the video settings for the specific device? Perhaps turning the live view on is all that is needed.

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