Stick up cameras loose connection

My 2 front yard stick up cameras are ALWAYS loosing connection and going offline…

I have to go out to each one and push the button on the bottom of the camera and basically reinstall it to work. Why does this happen??

They are both within 10 feet of my chime pro also

I would not recommend the outdoor stickup camera to anyone. My outdoor cameras often have connection issues and won’t connect, but when I go to device health status it reports the camera is good with RSSI values of -48 to -52 (greater numbers …ie -45 are better). Which is supposed to be well within the operational range. Even 3rd -party WiFi info on RSSI values state -60 is an operational value for video conferencing. NOOTTT Ring outdoor Stickup cameras on a Dual 2.4/5 GHz WiFi-6 Mesh (2-WiFi routers) network. These are the 3rd generation Stickup cameras and they suck!!!