Stick up camera, wired mode: rare update in dashboard

I have stick up battery camera, connected to a charger and switched to wired mode. It works fine, other than frequency of thumbnail updating in the dashboard. All other cams are being updated every 30 sec - 1 min, while Stick Up camera may update once each 10 -20 minutes. I’ve set Snapshot frequency to 30 seconds - no difference. Any idea what is going on?

I did power cycle the camera, removed battery, disconnected the power, toggled the Snapshot on/off - nothing changes the frequency of the update. Device Health says the FW is up-to-date also.

You’ve covered all the right steps here, @artyom17! Thank you for including these details. If you have not already, please ensure the battery is fully charged and the Stick Up Camera is indeed in battery operation mode. This can be changed in the Ring app by doing the following:

  • While logged in and at the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu (top left).

  • Select Devices.

  • Select your Stick Up Camera.

  • From the Stick Up Camera page in your Ring app, tap it’s device tile.

  • Choose General Settings from the device settings

  • There should be an option for power option or method. Please ensure it is for battery, when in operating by battery.

As mentioned in our help center article about Snapshots, if your Camera falls offline, it will continue to take snapshots at regular intervals and store the snapshots in your device’s local flash memory. Once your device goes back online, all stored Snapshot Capture snapshots stored locally on your device will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. For this reason, I recommend checking out your wifi signal strength and general network connection to this Camera, to ensure it is not falling offline, timing out, or lapsing in coverage, thus causing the Snapshots to show some time after. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

It is Stick-Up Battery cam with the connected power adapter and it is in WIRED mode. Why do I need to “ensure it is for battery, when in operating by battery”? Makes no sense.

It seems like it updates dashboard only when there is motion detected or once in 10 - 20 mins, which is weird, because it clearly saves the snapshots every minute (I set it now to do it every minute). All other cameras behave differently, i.e. update the thumbnail every 30 sec - 1 min.

Thank you for clarifying further, @artyom17! The response above is in regards to snapshots, which I see now are working for you as intended. In regards to your Ring app dashboard/ Timeline camera previews, these are indeed a little different.

Check out our help center article about Camera previews, which states the Camera preview snapshots are taken every 25 seconds for wired devices, every 10 minutes for battery devices, and when the dashboard is accessed (depending on device). While you have a Stick Up Camera Plug-In, this model is also capable of being a battery powered, which means it may adhere to the 10 minute update timing.