Stick up camera speaker will not allow me to talk through it

I try to talk through my camera to my kids on the other end of the house and while it makes some noise, like a broken up cell phone call, whatever is being said cannot be understood. I restarted both my phone, the app and the camera with no change.

This is the second camera I have had with Ring - the first crapped the bed and wouldn’t connect to the WiFi when I got a new router and it was replaced by Ring with this one. Now it connected fine - and video looks great - but the audio on the camera end so I can talk through the camera doesn’t work hardly at all.

Sorry to hear about this, @Elmiraman! Does the Camera itself pick up visitor or environmental audio just fine, or is it both microphone and speaker audio not working on your Camera? If possible, try logging into the Ring app on another mobile device and test audio. This will rule out many mobile device factors.

As you mentioned changing your network equipment, please ensure the signal strength is sufficient for both audio and video. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It picks up audio with the microphone just fine. I will double check the signal strength but I have 4 other devices in that room that connect without issue - two of the are game consoles that have great connectivity.