Stick up camera plugged in yet battery goes dead

i have a stick up battery video camera, i have it plugged in to an outlet that only turns on when the outside lights turn on which is controlled by a timer. the lights turn on from 5pm to 8am every day. so essentially the camera is plugged in from 5pm to 8am every day and from 8 am to 5 pm it runs off the battery. my question is the battery keeps going dead in 2 to 3 weeks. i have it set up as a wired device in the app. doesnt the camera charge when it is hardwired in? i figured it would be like the solar panels they sell that keeps the battery charged. should i set it up as a battery device in the app?

Try shortening the amount of time the light is turned on every day to see if it helps.
Maybe have the lights go on at 10 PM and off at 5 AM just to test for a short time.

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Hi @saint1000. If you have your Stick Up Cam plugged into the power adapter, it serves as the primary power source and the battery will act as a backup battery. The power adapter does not provide a charge to the battery like a Solar Panel does. I hope this information helps!