Stick up camera - motion schedule feature is not available

We just purchased a set of stick up cameras for our office. I was expecting to find the motion schedule feature as I’d seen for our outdoor security cameras, but the feature is not there. Since there will be people milling about the office during the day, I don’t need notifications every time the camera’s sensor is tripped. We only need motion notification at night when the office is closed.

Can you please add the Motion Schedule to the Stick Up Cameras as you already have for your exterior security cameras? At the moment, my only other option is to snooze the motion alerts each day.

Thank you.

Hi there, @JDAmeex! The Motion Schedule feature should be available for all Ring Camera and Video Doorbell devices. Most times this will show in the Ring app on the Ring device page, as a Motion Schedule tile. Try also visiting the Ring device page in the Ring app, selecting Motion Settings, then scroll down to see Motion Scheduling option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: