stick up camera keep going off inside for no reason

why is my stick camera keep going off inside i dont see anything i did a reset but still keep going off i even put it on verification mode did a reset chevck my wifi the rssi -62 or -55 or -50 sometimes no it is on -55

Hey @Swilsons1989. Could you share a link of what the video looks like when it randomly goes off? Seeing this may help us figure out why the camera is randomly being set off!

**HI HERE is one of the video today thank you i am tryinh to send it butkeep saying he file ringvideo_6817883608848921679.mp4 does not have a valid extension for an attachment and has been removed. jpeg,jpg,gif,pdf,doc,docx,zip,mpp,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,rar,png,txt,gz,bz,xz,csv are the valid extensions. how do i send it **

@Swilsons1989 You will have to create a ZIP file with that or “Compress” the video into a zip file. Once it’s a zip file you can attach that! If not, you can get a share link ULR by hitting the message or email option on the video, and then copying the URL in the message’s body.