Stick up camera is being super inconsistent

So I just purchased the stick up indoor/outdoor security camera from bestbuy and I’m already wanting to return it. I have it set up indoor infront of my window where I park my cars (I live in apts) the window is very clean and clear aswell. Problem I’m having is it picks up motion whenever it want, I have everything to the highest it can go as far as sensitivity,range,etc. but I was doing dishes saw a car drive by and wasn’t notified. Just me or what can I do? Or is there another one that I can upgrade to? From the camera to where I park my car is literally about the length of a fedex box truck.

Hi @Srtdro. The motion detection isn’t really designed to work when the Camera is facing a window or in view of a window. The glass from the window will negatively impact the motion detection and can cause events to not be picked up. You can read more about the way motion detection works in Ring devices in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: