Stick Up Camera Ignoring Indoor/outdoor settings

I have a 3rd gen stick up camera mounted inside and looking out through glass.

So, the settings I have chosen are indoor and looking through glass. Those settings should keep the IR blaster off. And it did all of last night. Then when I go to view the video feed tonight all I see is the glare of the IR blaster in the glass.

When I go to review the settings it says the camera is mounted outdoors. I did not change that setting. It was done by the who knows what. No matter how many times I change the settings back to indoor and looking through glass the camera refuses to acknowledge the settings and turn the IR blaster off.

Not cool. Why is this camera being so difficult?

Hey @Ontheroad. Could you try removing the device from your account under Device Settings > General Settings > Remove The Device, and then re-set it up, indicating that it’s indoors and not outdoors? This may help with the performance of the device, but please note that we do not recommend cameras that will be looking outdoors to be inside a home, looking outside. This is because during certain times of the day and with the reflection from the window, the camera may be unable to tell if it needs to be in night vision or not, and can have the PIR sensor not functioning properly as the window may be cancelling some of the heat signatures it is trying to pick up.

While the re-setup may help the picture quality, motion detection will be affected if you leave it inside, looking outside. I recommend trying to find a good place outside to place the camera to watch the area you’re looking over! :slight_smile: