Stick Up Camera Elite - Motion Detection Distance

Why does Ring tell it’s users “Your Stick Up Cam can detect motion as far away as 30 feet.”? See this Ring Support Center article. This implies that the camera won’t detect motion farther than 30 feet.

This video is from one of my Stick Up Cameras (POE connected). The traffic on this street is over 100 ft. from the camera and it consistently detected and created a motion event for every vehicle (and some pedestrians at 9:23 am).

I’d think the Ring Marketing Team would want to boast about this.

Hey @CappyNear. Thanks for bringing this up on the Community! The article that you have referenced is actually about the Stick Up Cam 1st Generation, which we no longer sell. Since you have the Stick Up Cam Elite, this product can normally do more since it has a stable connection to the internet and more improved technical specs than the 1st Generation, battery operated, Stick Up Cam. You can learn more about the proper positioning for the Stick Up Cam Elite in our Help Center Article here. Since you have your camera fairly high up, it is able to do more with the motion detection like you see here, which is super awesome to see in your video here, so thank you for sharing that! :slight_smile:

When it comes to motion detection, most of our devices can detect motion consistently at an up to 30 ft distance, as this is a good general approximation for the devices when you consider that everyone’s setup for the device will be different. Super glad to see you’re getting more out of the device with the setup you have! :slight_smile: