Stick Up Camera - Battery

What is it with calling a 49% charged battery condition: “Poor”?

Also, once it gets to 55% or below, the wifi shows a poor connection, previously it’s perfectly fine.

It suggests to me either the battery itself is a poor design (it’s not age, it’s only 3 months old, unless of course they are poor to begin with?) Or the device needs a higher voltage or current than a 50% charged battery can supply. Or the firmware is poorly programmed on the power supply side.

Curious which it is, because at the moment it appears the battery is only 50% useful, basically half of it cannot be used as the wifi gets flaky and the condition is reported as “Poor” at 49% requiring it to be recharged.

Hi @user63814. Can you share a screenshot of where you are seeing the battery reporting poor with a 49% charge? This will help me look into your concern.

Yes, next time it happens.
I have had to recharge the battery since my post 3 days ago to reclaim the wifi strength so I’m at 99% currently.

I missed the 49% level, but here is a screenshot showing 44% with “Poor” battery status.
In addition, the camera is not functioning.

I keep getting this same message. But the device shows “online”. It cannot be both surely?
In the morning I will swap out a fully charged battery to see if it begins to work again.

My original question remains; is only half of the battery usable? It does seem once it dips below 50% or shows as poor, the camera ceases to work.

FYI - RSSI shows 63 but my X50-Outdoor Deco shows a ‘strong’ signal.

Hi @user63814. No, the battery is not only half usable. This could be due to a signal issue, or something causing the battery percentage to not display correctly. Live View is disabled when the battery percentage is very low, but the error message would state that Live View is disabled due to the battery specifically.

I’d suggest using the reboot option on the Device Health page first as an initial troubleshooting step. An RSSI of -63 isn’t the worst, but it’s not the best either. We have more information on signal strength here. If you keep getting this same Live View error message, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team to investigate further. They can review things in more depth than we can here.