Stick-up Camera and Doorbell

My Ring doorbell has a basic yearly plan and does not expire until 1/2021. Does this mean that my Stick-up camera is now a door-stop if I do not get another seperate plan for it?

Im wondering the same thing! Shouldn’t it all be included in the $4 monthly payment? I now have 2 useless stick up cams.

Hey neighbors! Happy to help clear this up for you. Each device on an account requires a plan in order to see the recorded events. You can purchase the Basic Plan at a monthly or yearly cost, and the Basic Plan only covers one device on a location. In comparison, you can get the Plus Plan, which is a bit of a higher cost, but covers as many devices are you want on one location. This means that whether you have 3 or 10 devices on a location, all devices are covered with a Plus Plan.

For the US (different prices based on region), the Basic plan is either $3 a month or $30 a year. For the Plus Plan, it’s either $10 a month or $100 a yearly. You can have a slightly higher cost if there is tax included in your plan. Therefore, if you have more then 3 devices on one location, the Plus Plan will be the best deal for you. If you have 1-3 devices, it’s better to get a Basic Plan for each device, as it will be cheaper overall. Hope this helps clear this up for you!