Stick up camera 3rd generation

Has anyone had an issue with a stick up camera not picking up motion and missing big parts of recordings? I had such a thing happen yesterday in the afternoon. Someone had pulled halfway into my driveway and got out of their vehicle. The camera is looking directly down on the entire driveway, but it only picked up this person walking back to his truck from the side of my house. No motion upon his arrival. That’s very concerning, since about 2 weeks prior, I also had my doorbell camera completely miss a package delivery on my front porch. Any assistance or helpful commentary would be greatly appreciated

This is a normal problem with rings haphazard operation, people complain about it and you will be told its a poor Wi-Fi connection even though you know you are good, welcome to the disappointed ring users club

Hi @Jimi204. It sounds like you may need to adjust your Motion Frequency. This settings dictates the “dwell time” between recordings. Check out this Community post here to learn more about Motion Frequency.