Stick up cam

I bought a new batter for my securit cam. When I installed the battery it doesn’t connect. The light doesn’t flash or come on. I tried holding down the button on top for 20 seconds.

Hi @kysunshine. Are you still getting not signs of life from your Stick Up Cam Battery? Please ensure even the new battery has been charged for about 8 hours to ensure this isn’t the problem. In the case the device still is not powering on, please contact our support team via phone here.

I charged the battery and it till didn’t work. I tried calling ring and it is a 30 to 45 minute wait.

@kysunshine Thank you for ensuring it was fully charged! I can understand that a call to the call center may be a long wait at this time, but you will need to follow up accordingly with them. We have been noticing longer than average wait times, so please visit the page here to view our hours of operation in your region for a better time to call in the day.