Stick up Cam

Hello, all! I’m experiencing an interesting issue with my Stick up Cam: the Ring App shows “Modes” in “Settings”, but the Cam doesn’t appear as a device that is controlled by any of the Modes.

As I understanding things, one is supposed to be able to allow the “Home” and “Away” modes to control the Cam’s motion & recording controls (i.e., when set to “Home”, interior Cams should be turned off). However, that doesn’t seem to be an option within the Ring App. I wish that our friends at Ring would post some sort of step-by-step (with images, please) how-to guide.

They haven’t yet released the new Mode feature that supports cameras. Only Alarm uses modes right now, none of the cameras.

And yes, this feature is REALLY needed!!!
There is a whole thread on this topic in the announcement forum.

Thank you; it’d be nice if this information was made readily apparent on the website, maybe as a “Coming Soon” feature for each particular product.

For reference here is the post explaining Modes:

It was suppose to ship in mid-Nov but support guy told me more like mid-Jan.