Stick up cam / Zones

I have 6 stick up cams around my property along with 2 Ring 2 Doorbells.

The issue I am having is with the stick up cams.

Unlike the doorbells which allow to you to be able to control the range, not so with the cams.

All you can do is turn off sections (left, center, right), then you can only choose, without any certainty, min or max sensitivity.

I either get every car passing on the street or miss every action near my intended area.

Looking at the FAQ, it says this can be done ala the Ring 2, but I am out of luck and ready to pull these stick ups down as it cannot discern between a squirrel and a human.

BTW, what happened to chat support?

Hi @Yankees15! Our teams are always working to improve and add to our features and devices. While motion zones and sensitivity are the primary settings to fine tune your motion detection experience, there are other features or methods to further optimize as well. Depending on your device type and subscription, there is a People Only Mode that will help to prevent any unwanted alerts.

It is better to catch more than less, but motion scheduling is another option for keeping your motion recordings while preventing too many alerts to your mobile device. Regarding reaching out to support, Ring’s response to Covid-19 includes changes in certain processes such as reaching out. At this time, our support team is best reached by phone. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that does not help. Nor does calling as the wait time is in excess of 20 minutes.

I have the paid plan, IDK what it is called, that covers all 8 of my ring devices.

The sitck up cams (battery powered) do not have any way to dial back these zones like the doorbell does, so it is a never ending alert for cars on the street some 200+ feet away.

Quite honestly I am ready to pull this cam down because I am given no opportunity to control these zones. Furthermore, even on the max mode, it is missing things closer to it. So it is beyond baffling.

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I am having the SAME issue. Very frustrating.

Hey neighbors! Wanted to chime in here to help clear up any confusion. While the motion settings for selecting your Motion Zones on the Stick Up Cam device may differ in looks from the Ring Video Doorbell 2, they are the same type of settings. I’ve detailed this in the screenshots attached, but the Doorbell 2 will ask you to you to create the slider, with your Live View in the picture as well, with a MIN-MAX slider. After that, it will ask you to select the zones of this, still showing the Live View. The Stick Up Cam will switch it up, asking you to select the zones first, and then giving you a MIN-MAX slider without a Live View. They do look different from the start, but the MIN-MAX slider does it in the same style as the 2! Rest assured, we’ve gotten this feedback and have passed this onto the appropriate teams as well to see if we can align in both the zone settings. :slight_smile:

When it comes to finding the proper placement of where to leave the MIN-MAX, it will require some testing, and the area you put it at for one may look different in another cam’s settings. When it comes to testing, it’s great to start at the MIN, and then slowly work your way up as you realize if it is able to pick up motion in the proper area, or if it cannot pick it up. Since you have a few devices, calling in and getting individualized support may make this a quick and easier experience to phase out any devices that may still be causing you concerns. For the Stick Up Cams, you can also experiment with placement (tilting it more down, up or side to side) and how the motion detection is when turning on/off certain features like Motion Verification!

First post with Doorbell settings attached.

Second post with Stick Up Cam settings attached.

not to hijack this thread but the screenshots you provided dont match what i see on my app. i dont even have a motion zone setting on my ring app for my stick up cam plug in. i did when i first set it up, but they have since disappeared

@jmur41 No worries, I can still assist. If you go into your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Stick Up Cam > Motion Settings, could you take a screenshot of this and show me what options you have? :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. When I go to motion settings there is only motion sensitivity not motion zones. I have motion zones for the floodlight as an option (so I know what to look for) but not for the stickup cam.

What I noticed was that my stickup had so little adjustment, but once I added the solar panel option and but it in wired mode instead of battery mode, that opened more of the options I was looking for