Stick Up Cam won't set up

When I go to set up my new stick up cam I goes fine until I click set up to home network and then I get the spinning wheel and eventually it lands on a screen where there is four options to what the light on the front of the stick up cam is doing: flashing red, flashing green, flashing red/blue and nothing. The Stick up cam is flashing blue which of course is not an option. So my option is to go back and try and again, same result, or just watch it flash. Home network is fine, app is updated but still the roadblock. Any ideas?

Hi there, @george082257! It is possible the connection attempt is timing out, even though it is not indicating such. Please try setting up while the Camera is close to the router. If possible, try completing the setup on a different mobile device entirely. If you feel like it is network related, try opening a standard 2.4 Ghz guest network on your router and connect to that during setup. Feel free to let us know how this goes ! :slight_smile: