Stick Up Cam Wired

I just yesterday finally installed my Stick Up Cam Wired.

I have installed it just outside my bedroom window (UPSTAIRS) and am disappointed with a lot of the outcome.

It has been freezing temperatures during the evenings and nights.

The result is that the lens on the camera is totally obscured by condensation and can only be cured by my leaning out of my bedroom window and wiping the camera down with a paper towel.

This makes the use of the rather expensive camera a waste of money.

Solution please?

Hi there, @BigBarney58! We actually have a similar thread about this concern in the doorbell side of our boards that I will link for you here. Check it out and possibly try out some of the suggestions other neighbors are making! You might just find a solution that works for you. :smiley_cat:

Having read through the thread, I have come to the conclusion that this product is useless in cold weather. How can a company who make the claims that they do about their product, send it to market with such an obvious flaw in the design?

Is it the fact that the inventor lives in California and doesn’t know what cold weather is?

I’m very disappointed that there seems to be no solution!