Stick-Up Cam Wired w/optional Battery?

I’m getting ready to order two Stick-Up cams - Wired from the Ring Website. Per the FAQ on the page you can order an optional battery so that they work through power outages. However, nothing in the on-line manual mentions how to install a battery with the wired cam. I don’t want to order two batteries that can’t be used. Can somebody confirm if the Stick-Up Cams - Wired do support an internal battery back-up.
Also, what generation would these be? I see posts about a 3rd gen; but the manuals only show 1st or 2nd gen

Hi @Eris. The Wired Stick-Up Cams come with a power adapter, where the Battery version just comes with a battery. If you have a Stick-Up Cam Battery, you can purchase a power adapter and connect it to make it a wired version. In this context, they are essentially the same camera, they just ship with a different power source. I hope this helps.